Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just wow! Weekly horoscope

I've recently started following Inharmony's astrology blog. The last 2-3 weeks or so her astrology report for my sign has been pretty on the money with how I've been feeling.

Lately I've been feeling like there's going to be a shift in my Path. I've been feeling the need to start studying a particular path. Well I've been feeling quite alot of things lately, some of which I cannot put into words as I don't really understand it. But this week's reading makes alot of sense to me and I feel like it's spot on once again.

scorpio- week of 7/5-7/12
the eclipses are activating your 3rd and 9th houses of lower mind and higher mind, creating major changes in how you think and perceive the world around you. the lunar eclipse two weeks ago helped unearth any shadow around dogma or tendency to rigid or conservative thinking- and the last couple weeks have involved confronting that and releasing what needs to be released. saturday's solar eclipse falls in your 9th house, helping you to start a whole new spiritual and philosophical journey that is aligned with more of who you really are. right now or over the coming months you may find yourself traveling afar, signing up for classes, or taking a metaphysical journey of some sort. whatever it is- the purpose is to expand your understanding of the Universe, and as such also of yourself. as you liberate your mind, more of what is Truth can come to you. let go.


  1. I've learned to follow my intuition. What am I being led to do? I'd love to hear more about the path you choose.

  2. Inharmony is AMAZING!!!! So glad you are resonating with her interpretation of astrological events - I know I am!!!

  3. Sounds like some changes coming on...