Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017! And My Word For The Year

Happy New Year folks!  It's a "One" year in numerology.  That means new beginnings.  That can be exciting or scary as all hell.  Either way, here we are.  Let's do the best we can with what we have and hopefully at the end of this 365 day cycle we will be better for it.

There are so many things I want to do this year.  Will I do them all, probably not.  I usually start out the first day or so, maybe the first week with the best of intentions.  But then I find excuses or shit just happens and I'm derailed.  For whatever reason or excuse, I never get back to my intention.  And really that makes me kind of sad, makes me feel like a failure or fake.

All I can do though is try my damnedest to give all the things my best effort.  I won't know until I try what endeavors I will like or hate.  One, well two, things I really want to give my all to this year is writing and making art.  I am taking a couple of free art journal classes, one is a year long.  And I'm on scholarship for another that is also a year long.  If I do no other art but those classes and complete them, I will be ecstatic!  Writing, if I can commit myself to write 250-500 a day I will be very happy. I know I can pull of 2k a day, I did it for a week before I fell off the wagon.  If I can do that much, great!  BUT, I'm not making it a do or die situation.  I was thinking I might set up a few things in Google Docs.  Where I can write and date it, and then I can see where I am at years end.  But I can pick and choose which I'll write in as the mood strikes.  There's also my new camera that I want and need to learn how to use properly.

My Word for the Year still comes to me as DREAM.  Followed by SEEK.  I want to dream my dreams and live them, breath life into them, make them reality.  I want to seek joy, seek knowledge, seek myself and who I really am.

So here's to the New Year, to Dreams, to Seeking.  To New Beginnings!