Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wishcast Wednesday-Clear

I needed a day to think about this one.  Though it should have been apparent to me from the moment I read this week's wishcast.  Jamie asks "What do you wish to clear?"

I wish to clear my mind and myself of the negative.  Clear myself of the "I can'ts", the "I'm not good enough or it's not good enough".  To clear myself and my mind of the thoughts that hold me back from allowing me to be creative, to be myself, that keep me from painting or writing.  To clear myself of blaming myself things that I did wrong or for things that I didn't do but were made to feel I did.  To stop the "if I coulda/woulda/shoulda" mentality.

I can DO THIS! 

Taking the Creed

Sheri over at Writer's Alley posted this on her blog this week.  It's perfect!  So I'm going to take the creed, make the oath: to believe in myself and write! 

I may not write everyday, but the ideas are floating around my head.  But I shall giving writing a real go this year.  Even if it means pulling my hair out or throwing my keyboard LOL.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First WishCast Wednesday of 2013!

Welcome 2013!  And today is the first Wishcast Wednesday of the year.  Today Jamie asks: "What do you wish for 2013?"

Most of all, I wish not for myself but for my Beloved's family to have financial abundance, good health, safe travels for Dad (he's a trucker).

I wish for us (my Beloved and me) to continue to grow in our relationship, that our love grow deeper and stronger with each passing day.  I wish for him to have much success with his work.

For myself, I wish to eat better and exercise (yoga, I need low impact ideas).
I wish to be more creative in everything.  I wish to step out of the box, out of my comfort zone.

I wish for 2013 (I keep trying to type 2014, lol) to be the best year ever, not just for myself but you and you and you and you and everyone!

What's your wish for 2013?  And as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.