Saturday, July 13, 2019

Busy Busy Busy

It's a hot one today. But at least it isn't as hot as it was originally forecasted a few days ago.

On Facebook, I saw that today is 42 years ago that the Blackout of '77 happened.
I remember that night.  I was 7? 8? Maybe 7 going on 8.
We were on our way home from the Mt. Carmel Feast in Williamsburg.  We had just
crossed the street.  Mom and aunt were talking, my aunt was pushing my one cousin
in his stroller. While me and my other cousin were walking slightly ahead of them when
the street light went out.  And then all the lights went out!  We got to the building my aunt
lived in. At first everyone thought it was temporary and that it would come back on soon.
Then her landlady started dishing up her ice cream to us kids because it was melting.
My dad and my uncle were off crabbing and fishing in Rockaway and we had no way to
reach them.  I don't remember us going home, but I know we did and it was hot.
Now, I see that NYC is experiencing a blackout!!!  How crazy!  Hopefully it won't last as
long as the one in '77.

I finally made it over to the court house to make some inquiries.  I came home with my
blank petitions for name change and request for a waiver of the fees.  The waiver has to be
approved by a judge.  It has as many questions on it as if you were applying for a loan or credit.
I have to fill all the stuff out and make umpteen copies of them.  I don't know how to handle it though.  I'd like to be sure I have enough in case I don't get approved for the waiver. I don't want to
get the ball rolling only to have that denied.  So I don't know how that would work.  But at least I have all the stuff!!!

Also picked up my passport card renewal form and got all those questions answered too.
So, I checked some things off the To Do List!!

No matter what I do, I will probably wait until Mercury goes direct.
That is what one does when court stuff is involved, right?
Don't do anything requiring signing legal documents or what have you?
I think I read that somewhere but I haven't heard anything about it this retrograde.
Either way, it'll probably take me that long to get stuff filled out and copied.

It was a busy week for us.
One of the puppers had to have more or less emergency dental stuff done and
ended up with 15 teeth pulled.  But my goodness...what a trooper he is.  He's done so
well and we're so proud of him.
Mom's had PT and dr's appointments this week.
There was some shopping to be done.
Another PT appointment.
Now one of the cats appears to have worms but we don't know which one.
Only one possibility really, but we got stuff for ALL the cats.
The liquid stuff was pretty easy.
But pilling these guys was no picnic.  And we still have 2 to pill yet.
The stuff they gave us works pretty good and fast so, I think we'll be fine.

Next week is about as busy.
More PT for her knee.
Stickers goes back for a recheck on that eye of his.
It's better but not.  We'll find out were that stands on Wednesday.
Then Saturday is Garth Brooks!!  WOOT WOOT!!!

We'll get a breather in there somewhere lol

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Oh Hey, It's Only Been A Month

To the day even.
I didn't intend to not post for this long.
Life just got crazy.
Surprise, surprise.

June seemed a crazy month.
It was hot then cool then hot then cool.
At one point, we even had to turn the heaters back on!!
It got that cool.
One day, you're in shorts and a t-shirt, the next day you're
breaking out the sweatshirt and jeans again.

We lost our oldest cat.  She just turned 16 a few months ago.
She was a diabetic cat.
We think she went into renal failure and quite suddenly. 
She was fine one day and declined fast the next.
She made it through the night, and we thought she was improving
and maybe it wasn't renal failure after all. But the next morning
she started having seizures and we were able to rush her in. The only
thing the vet could do was help her cross the rainbow bridge.

Then our stray came back around and his eye was a mess.  We put
some salve in it but he didn't like that so he disappeared again for a couple
day.  When he came back around the eye was worse.  So, after two days
of trying for an appointment, finally got him seen.  The boy certainly
likes to live up to his name....Stickers.  He had a giant fox tail in his eye.
So we've had to keep him in a room in the house and give him
antibiotics.  He's on his second bottle. And goes back again in ten days
to see if he can keep the eye.  He's the sweetest thing.  No way he's feral
as we first thought when he showed up the first time over 3 years ago.
I wish we could keep him in, but our boy is an ass about stuff like that
so it might not go well. Can't say how the girls would be.  Let's hope he
can keep the eye.  Just to have him seen, the fox tail removed,
vaccinations, and 2 weeks of meds, oh and a dewormer pill...$125!!
The most expensive thing after the visit is the meds. 

I made some art for the first time in a good couple of months.
I made a piece from a class by Denise Daffara.
It was really fun to do. I thought I messed it up a few times in the face.
But it turned out okay.  Except I think I made the cheeks too dark, but I
can't fix that or I'll put a hole in the paper.
Unbeknownst to me at the time, I ended up painting in a rune symbol on her
face.  That turned out to resemble Algiz.

I'm still dwelling a lot on what is sacred to me.  Where my path lies and all
that stuff.  Of course, Mary and the Magdalene, Brigid and Cerridwen,
Rhiannon, they all call to me in different ways.  The class was called
"Priestess on My Page".  And while I don't know who if any my painting
represents.  The rune seems fitting. 

It is a symbol of the Valkyrie.  Something that fascinates me.
It is a symbol of protection, blending self with nature, divine guidance.
Also symbolizes a connections with the gods, shield, awakening.
In another reference, it symbolizes the Elk and also the  Reed.
The Reed, also happens to be my Celtic Tree astrology symbol!!
I feel like there might some messages coming through here. 

100 Days Project is almost at an end.  I only missed one day.
I'm not happy that I missed one, but shit happens. I'll be making it up and
therefore will finish a day late.
I'm just proud of myself for sticking with something for 100 days!

It's another round of Camp NaNoWriMo.  I've committed to 15,500
words this month. I've actually got a story idea that I might be able
to work through and it might even be able to connect with my original
idea from oh so long ago.  There's definitely possibilities at least.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Friday, June 7, 2019

It's Eight Years Today

Sometimes, I think I'm the only one to remember it.
But then, isn't that the most important thing.
Even if no one else does, I do.

It's eight years ago today that I got on a plane and escaped
my abusive marriage. 
I'm still convinced that most people that know me from that
life, if not all, think I'm completely bonkers and made it all up.
At least those that listened and perhaps heard my cries, but
let them fall to deaf ears.
After years of being told I was crazy, I often wonder if perhaps
I'm not even just a little.

But here I am.  For  better or worse, crazy or not or a little.
I still have my moments where I fear the other shoe will drop
and my world will fall apart around me.
That the floor  will crumble from under me and I will end up
back in the darkness.
I still struggle with certain sounds and tones of voice. Certain
smells or emotions coming from another person.

If I look up C-PTSD, I match a lot of the symptoms.
Though there are people that would say I was full of shit.

There are people that would say what I went through wasn't
even abuse.
That it was all in my head.
That it was made up.
That I was...........crazy.

But they didn't live through it.
It didn't happen to them.

One of the hardest things for me is to avoid the
"it wasn't as bad as........" syndrome.

I thank you all here who have stuck by me
Who supported me
Who have been my friend
A voice of wisdom
A light in the darkness

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Popping In To Say Hello

It's been a little bit since I've come in here.

Mom got a bad cold.
Then I got it. And I've been down and out for the last few days.
Before that....I don't really have an excuse.

Finally starting to feel like I might be on the mend.
Not as congested. But still feel like it might be trying to settle
in my chest.  YUCK!  It's been a Sudafed and Echinacea kind
of week.  With Day/NyQuil mixed in. And lots of Vicks!!!

Thanks to us feeling so crappy, we had to cancel our plans for
the weekend. That wasn't fun. But rather get better, instead of
go have a good time and end up worse yet.

I haven't even been able to hold the Grasshopper when she's
been here because of this dang cold.  Definitely don't want
her to catch it. She's growing so much.  Her Momma says she
is almost out of newborn clothes.

In other news..............
Probably the most EXCITING thing to happen this week is....
We got tickets!!!!
Gonna see GARTH BROOKS!!!! in July!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to see Garth LIVE!!!!!!!

I refused to talk about it or get excited until I knew for sure.
And apparently we were pretty lucky to even get tickets.
40,000+ seats sold out in under AN HOUR! She just barely
got them.  We'll be sitting up in the heavens but we don't
really care.  We're gonna see him and that's what counts.

It's a chilly and cloudy day here with spots of rain. Which
we do need since it hasn't really rained since late April. First
rain we had was Thursday/Friday.  And now today.  But, I'm not
going anywhere either so it's all good.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

May The Forth Be With You

Or so everyone is posting lol.  Memes galore on Facebook.
I was never that nerdy, but share on odd one here and there.
Like the one from the forestry service that said,
"may the forest be with you".

I can't believe it is already May.
If my parents were still alive and together, the 2nd would
have been their 55th anniversary. 
Yesterday would have been my aunt's 86th birthday?  But
years ago, we discovered there was an error and she was actually
born on the 2nd and not the 3rd.  Not really sure how that
happened or why it was never fixed.

I forgot to pop in here to wish you all a Blessed Beltane.
So belated well wishes to you all.

Spring is definitely in around here.  The farmers our out in full
force plowing and aerating and planting.  Water has come in
for those with water rights, ditches and canals are filling or filled.
Cow breeding has begun because the bull has been brought over.
The flowers are blooming and the trees are getting greener by the
day. Dandelions EVERYWHERE!  And the bee guys have had the
hives in the field across the street for  weeks, so the little bees have
been busy busy busy. Other neighbors have been putting up more
hops poles, which startle the dogs from time to time.

Grasshopper weighs over 7 pounds now? 
I think that's what I heard.
She's growing and doing pretty well.

Wish you all a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

End Of April Already

It feels like the days are flying by.
Here we are, the last day of April.
One third of the year....POOF! Gone!
Just like that.

Some days, it seems like the world is going to shit around us.
Or maybe, just our country.
I don't even recognize it any more.
I often wonder what would my grandma think if she were still alive.
She struggled for so many years to get back to the US after
being taken to Poland and living through the war. Losing a child and
a husband. Losing her home. Raising two little boys.
I don't think she would recognize it either.  Or she might say it looked
a lot like what happened during the war.

On my other blog, I managed to complete the blog along.
Doing so also allowed for this to happen.........

As of right now, not counting this post, I'm sitting at 20,000+ words.
My goal was 19,500.  Odd number I know. I know other fellow writers
were going for a true NaNo and aiming for 50,000.

As for the 100 days, I've really fallen by the way side.  Maybe I should 
have done 100 blog posts as a goal instead lol.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I still can, there's nothing saying I can't change it.  I'll think about it.

Effy is going to extend the blog along to keep going. With the same for
every blog post you share in the group, you must read and comment on 

Mary Magdalene has been on my mind lately.  I don't know why.
I saw something that she is likened to Brigid. I might want to dig
deeper on that.  

And I've been smelling incense. Like you smell at an old Catholic Church.
What do they use?  Frankincense? Myrrh? Both? I don't know, but it smells
just like what they use at Mass.  Google tells me that both are symbolic
of Mary Magdalene.  I did a YouTube search and Google search of her.
And there's a lot of "channeled" messages supposedly from her.
I'm not big into the whole channeling thing.  Not saying it isn't legit,
just way too woo-woo for me.  Especially the ones claiming to be messages
from both her and Jesus.  *Queue Twilight Zone music*

But seriously....what is that smelling the incense all about? 
If there's a message, I don't understand.

Hope you have a lovely last day of April.
See you next month.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!

It's a beautiful looking day out there. 
Blue skies, some light clouds. Sunshine.
Temps to be near 70 or so.
BUT there is supposed to be wind coming.
Near 4:00 we could be seeing 30+ mph.
Wind scares me now.
I don't enjoy it like I used to.

Yesterday, I peopled.
The sisters were over.
With kiddos. One significant other made it.
We had some good food. Nothing fancy.
Mashed potato, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash
with asparagus, and a pork loin wrapped in bacon.
Simple but delicious.

I snuggled the Grasshopper.
It makes me nervous to hold her.
I figure the easiest way to overcome that is to hold her.
She is so precious.
Such a good little lass.
I got to feed her too.
Yesterday was her actual due date I believe. 

Happy Earth Day!