Monday, August 19, 2013

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

I have been feeling more and more lately that I really need to take shit seriously.  I've even started to pick up the paint brush again.  Though this week was a flop since the niece was here and then I hurt my back.  Which by the way is still hurting, a bit better but still painful.

Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit.  Well WAY OUT for me.  I opened an account and posted some of my art and photography on    I'm not going to share it here just yet because I'm not sure that I'm ready to have my name out there on here yet.  Part of me wants to drop the curtain and use my name on my blog and part of me doesn't.

If I do decide to put my name/face up on the blog it may be that I turn some of my earlier posts private.  There's just some things that I don't want certain people to see.  It's easier than trying to explain myself, to explain why I felt that way or why I wrote what I did.  I know, they may not even read the blog if I went "public" but if they did it would just be easier than having to explain or justify my words.

But since I really want to get myself out there with my art and photography, I have 2 choices when it comes to blogging.  I either A) go "public" with this one.  or B)  I start a new blog with my real name on it so that I can share the links and such to places I would have my work up.  With B, I could then post the link to it on here and you could choose to read/follow it if you want to.  And I wouldn't have to justify anything.  I do have a wordpress that I could use but I really don't like the dashboard there.  

It's just more thinking I need to do about how to handle the blog connection to things.  I still have a lot of thinking and planning to do to even promote my work.  Like do I want to have a website for it?  Do I want a Deviantart (not sure if I spelled it right) account?  Do I want to try Etsy (I really can't afford the listing fees right now though)?  Do I want to brand myself?  What would I call said brand?  etc etc etc.........Still so many decisions.  It kinda gets overwhelming.  Plus I need to actually keep painting consistently!!!  I need to do my promised pieces for 2 friends of mine.  One of which is to design a memorial tattoo.

I want to overcome the things, the thoughts that hold me back.  I NEED TO!  And this isn't a time for baby steps or I'll never get myself going. 


  1. I understand about wanting to keep things private. I struggle with the same dilemma. I hope you find a way that works well for you!

    1. Thanks Karen.

      I'm still trying to figure things out. Either path I look at right now, seems to have its own pros/cons. Hopefully I figure out a happy medium for myself.