Saturday, August 10, 2013

Missed 2 Days, Thoughts

I knew it would happen.  It usually does.  The first day I missed blogging I was so tired I actually forgot.  Yesterday well....I just didn't know what to write about.  Here I am today and still no clue as to what to write about.

I've really just been trying to figure things out, I suppose.  How to get myself motivated.  What should I name my imaginary art studio?  The place in my mind where I can see myself making art and writing.  Why can't I get myself motivated?  Why do I let myself get distracted by random shinies? 

Why do I find it so hard to go after the things I want in life?  What am I afraid of?  Well that's easy...rejection, criticism, failure, fear itself...just to name a few.  Most of the time, it's enough to make the shinies very attractive.  And therefore I get nothing done.  I really need to work on this stuff.  But how?  *sigh*


  1. ...perhaps: start with a word ~ any word ~ that may inspire ~ then add more words ~ then ~ leave it ~ publish the post ~ appearing as an unfinished words`y sort of post ~ may ~ just ~ get thine blogging mojo strutting it's stuff! ~ blessed be! ~ dearest kindred!...(O:

  2. I have a lot of days like that ... this has helped me a lot ... great suggestion from earthenmagic. Good luck and keep at it .. :)