Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How The Hell Do I Even Handle That?

I had been babysitting on and off for about a year (last year) and saved up most of what I got paid for it. Especially since I got paid so randomly...it could be weeks before I saw any money. It wasn't much but it was something. And I saved most of it, to spend on crafts and such. Now mind you it was easy to save as I really don't get to go out since I have to depend on "HIM" to take me anywhere I want or need to go.

I am about at the last little bit of money I had saved from that time and have been buying myself some yarn or craft supplies. Apparently "HE" views this as a bad thing, I dunno why since it's cost "HIM" Zero! dollars.

Well, my youngest came to me last night and told me "HE'S" been asking where I was getting my money from. (won't ask me, even though I've mentioned more than once it was money I'd saved up from last year)...Anyway "HE" asked her again (yes, "HE'S" asked her on more than one occasion!) She responded with the usual "I dunno."

So "HE" in "HIS" oh so infinite wisdom proceeds to say to her..."I know where she gets the money from! She's a phone prostitute and has phone sex for money." (complete with imitated sounds she said)....I was stunned, shocked, and disgusted! I still am. Who the fuck in their right mind would tell their 14 year old daughter that they thought her mother conducted such acts??? SHIT! When the hell would I even find the time to do such a thing??? My room is like Grand Central Fucking Station....I don't have privacy, everyone walks in and out as they please. "HE" has to pass through my room to go watch "HIS" precious TV. I am so disgusted, so pissed with "HIM"! I don't even know how or if I should confront this.

And "HE" thinks there's nothing wrong with this relationship...that everything is peachy....that I will 'snap out of it' and we can reconcile...."HE" is fucking delusional!

Do I ignore this for now? Do I confront? ("HE" will deny it. Or play it off as a joke.) What do I do? I'm not in a position that I can leave just yet, and I don't know what to do.


  1. First of all, what a pig. Secondly, how dare he say that to your daughter! It's bad enough if he thinks it, but he should be mature enough to keep his asinine thoughts in his head and out of your daughter's ears. I'm slapping him upside the head as hard as I can in my mind right now.

    P.S, on a lighter note, take solace in the fact that he's dumb as a bag of rocks, because seriously, phone sex operators a good bit of money and if that's what you were up to you'd be buying a lot more than yarn.

  2. That's just plain awful. I hate it when they involve the kids. My ex used to get mine into everything.

  3. It sounds like you need a really safe place to vent your hurt and anger. I remember when I was going through horrible times with my ex. the only thing that gave me sanity was finding a good counselor which I did. I am so sorry you and your daughter are experiencing such malice. Couldn't hurt to make an offering to Artemis, goddess for women and strength.
    Sending you blessings.