Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art Heart and Healing Week One

This wasn't the easiest for me to do. We had to write down all the negative thoughts that go through our minds and that we tell ourselves. My page was almost full, I really could have filled it up. It took me a week to do the page, because I had a hard time coming up with a positive statement. See for me, I believe a lot of the negative I wrote. So while I've not worked through or passed them yet, I came up with this "I am free to just be me!!!" as a reminder to myself.

I didn't want "HIM" to see what I was working on. But "HE" happened to pass by, and saw it. Took the book and looked at and snickered about my statement. UGH!

But I did enjoy doing the layering and the painting. It was fun. I'm not pleased with the paper though. I used as little water as possible to blend my watercolor crayons and the page still started to curl and buckle and shred up in some spots. This is actually the first time I've ever drawn a face like this.


  1. It's lovely. Next time around I think I will take the classes.

  2. She's a beauty, I would have had no idea you've never drawn a face like that before. Paper type is a lot of trial and error unfortunately, I've learned to live with the fact that I'm using a flimsy 50 year old book and know how far I can push the paper. If you really truly hate your paper, you can try thickening it up with layers of Gesso or find an inexpensive watercolor book. :)

  3. The painting is gorgeous! Have you ever considered selling your paintings? I love the colors that you used for her.

  4. @Mary- Thanks. You can still sign up and take the workshop at your own pace and start any time.

    @Danni- Thank you! I am trying the Canson XL Mixed Media spiral journal. I gesso'd the left side of the page. It helped a little but still buckled.

    @Wendy- OH MY...THANK YOU! This is my real first piece of art. I never ever considered selling anything. I kinda figured this might be a fluke or just luck. But...maybe some thing will end up on Etsy when I get brave enough to list some things.