Monday, October 31, 2011

NaBlo End, NaNoWriMo Starting, and Other Things

Let me start by thanking HollyMarie from "The Soulmate Secret" Experiment" blog for honoring me with a lovely award. It was a really nice surprise and made me smile all day. So Thank You!!!

Next up...I guess I could say I failed horribly at NaBloWriMo. Maybe I didn't try hard enough, maybe I just had too many things on my mind...I dunno. Oh well, there's always next year. :D

Last week I found out that my daughters' beloved cat Gizmo lost an eye. The pictures I saw before he was taken to the vet were horrible! I cried every time I looked at them. This poor sweet lovable kitty has been through so much and has probably used up about 4 of his 9 lives already. His eye looked like it was completely pulled out of the socket. He has since had surgery and is recovering. No one knows how it happened, but they suspect someone did it to him intentionally. It is my prayer that the Goddess Bast will keep watch over this sweet boy and keep him safe from harm.

And tomorrow...well almost 8 hours from now the madness of NaNoWriMo begins. I will be attempting it again. I don't know yet what kind of approach I will take to doing it. My current thought is to take my original project, that got siderailed by life and death, is to start completely from scratch. Forget what I have written and just begin all over from word one.

There is another idea brewing in my mind, but I have not done any lick of research into it. The inspiration for this idea is from World of Warcraft. It involves the concept of Undercity and the Ruins of Lordaeron, perhaps even the surrounding area of Tirisfal Glades. But it would mean researching the lore of Lordaeron and Undercity, the Forsaken, etc.

I've also one more idea lurking, but that character isn't speaking much yet and anything involving it would require research, research, research. Plus I've got this sudden fascination with Steampunk, and would like to some how incorporate it with possibly my NaNo project or the lurking character. But I know Jackshit about again...I guess it would require lots of research.

So here's to what I hope will be a productive if not hectic month of writing.


  1. Sorry to hear about the kitten. Sounds horrible. Good luck with NaNo and though you didn't get all the days in on NaBlo, you still finished didn't you? So congrats!

  2. Poor Gizmo - I hope he recovers quickly and stays safe! He is in my thoughts.

    Best of luck with NaNo - you can do it!