Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NaBloWriMo-Day 4

It's actually day 2 for me since I missed the first 2 days. Kinda sucks in a way since I really liked the Day 2 prompt: "If you could live the life of any heroine or hero from one of your favorite books, which one would it be?"

I think I would want to be Hermione Granger or perhaps Eowen. I would say Arwen, but only if I could live the movie version of her. I would even go so far as to say I would like to be Snape or even Dumbledore. (Is it obvious that I love J.K.'s work? LOL)

But alas we aren't on that theme today. No, no...today's prompt is: What advice would you give your fifteen-year-old self?

So we are to advise our 15 year old self. Huh...hmmmm...Well let's see, let me write myself a letter.

Dear 15 year old me,
I'm just going to tell you straight up...okay that guy you think you can save from his addictions...
you can't. STOP! You can't, don't try, just walk away. No, run away from him and don't look back! That way you can also stay in school and graduate (instead of getting your GED) and maybe you can even go to prom. The guy is bad news, a liar, a cheat, a thief and an abuser. You deserve better than that.
When you get a bit older, follow your heart and your dreams. You can do anything, be anything you want to be. You are stronger than you think. You have talents you don't even know about. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough! No matter who it is.
And go to Grandma when you need help or advice. She's a wise woman and she'll never steer you wrong. She will always be in your corner and will fight for you and support you.
Stand up for yourself, think for yourself, just be you. Not what someone else wants you to be. Remember you are strong, smart and beautiful. Live life to the fullest.
Your Older, Wiser Still Learning Self.


  1. A beautiful piece of advice. Oh if only we had listened to ourselves.
    Here from NaBlowWriMo

  2. Your advice is so much better than what mine would be. Mine would be more along the lines of 'stop reading so many Sweet Valley High books.'