Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Attempting NaNo - Round 7

This is my seventh year of attempting NaNo. My best year I got close to 5,000 words in before my world fell apart. After that, the rest of the past years I've just faltered for one reason or another. Usually I succumb to those evil gremlin voices that tell me I'm not good enough.

But it's a new year with Samhain having just passed. And I just want things to be different, better. I want to be better. I want to ignore those gremlin voices and tell them where they can go. But, at the same time, as long as I hear them well then I must be doing something right if they are so determined for me to quit. Right?

I admit I'm floundering here at the beginning of NaNo. I've only gotten to 299 words so far. I was trying to write in first person, but it's just not working for me. I always seem to be "looking at the story" as if watching a movie. I wanted to try a different POV, and I found this story just isn't cut out for that. So tomorrow/later hopefully, I will start from square one and rewrite it in third person POV or omniscient ( I think that's the right word) POV.

I don't know if I'll hit 50,000 words. But if I get anywhere passed 5k...that would be an improvement over past attempts. Since I don't have anywhere to go tomorrow I don't think and other than watching "Puss n' Boots" before we have to return it...I SHOULD be able to dedicate a bit of time to actually writing.

So here's to hoping for 50k words!

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  1. Nike it - Just Do It. ;) And you *can* do it.