Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Been Three Weeks Now...

And I am finally starting to relax a little, feeling a little more comfortable. Feeling less like "HE" has sent someone to find me. I did not tell "HIM" where I was going, but supposedly he has some inkling that I'm out west. I heard Oregon and Idaho are among "HIS" thoughts.

I've also heard that "HE" has told "HIS" sister, who conveniently had a dream the night before that I left. I highly doubt she did, but whatever. My young one says this is Her way of telling "HIM" I told you so. Not sure about what exactly but I do know She was NEVER thrilled "HE" married me. So hopefully, Her misery will be ended in a timely manner in the form of a divorce.

I still have that "I feel like I'm watching this all unfold" feeling a little bit. It still doesn't feel totally real, so if I am dreaming please Don't Wake Me Up!! KKTHX!

Just being here, with my Beloved. Seeing him everyday, spending time with him, talking, watching a movie, etc has been really good. Well good isn't the best word to use. But to say it's been amazing, awesome, wonderful, blissful...would work too. I'm sure I could find a few other words as well.

I really can't believe though, that it is three weeks. In some ways, I feel like I just got here. In other ways, I feel like I've always been here. Some things are just funny that way I guess.


  1. It definitely takes a long time to adjust, and you are in my thoughts. May you have a *wonderful* new life!

  2. enjoy :) those feelings of HIM looking for you will eventually disapear. x x x