Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've Made It Safe and Sound

I'm here in my new surroundings. Just trying to find my footing now and adjust to being in a new place. The flights were good. Both left on time and arrived early at there destinations.

I'm just waiting for my PC to get here, I kinda miss it. The laptop is okay...just annoying and SLOW!!! Everything else will arrive....I don't know when for sure. Parcel post is Snail mail at it's finest I guess lol. But when it does, it does.

Trying to find my ground has been a little hard. I'm just really happy to be here with my beloved. I'm sore and achy all over, and still a little jet lagged.

Then night before I left, the Ogre asked if I knew when I was coming back...I said no I don't. He just said 'Oh'. He had no idea that I was taking my PC...but I'm sure he found out when he got home. I don't know how that went. I'm not asking....I kinda don't want to know.

I just want to breathe and relax a bit. And enjoy the hugs I get from my Beloved.


  1. Please keep us posted. This is such a brave thing that you have done, and I know that there will be days (perhaps even weeks) where you might be amazed in good and bad ways that you made this choice. Heh.

    Once you get settled and make a home for yourself, you can start focusing on the other things that matter!

  2. I'm so glad your journey went well and am so proud of and happy for you! You're a seriously brave woman and deserve all the happiness your heart can handle.

  3. well done sweets :) you did a very brave thing i hope it all works out amazingly for you and your beloved x x x i love a happy ending