Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's A Bi-Polar Day!!

I don't even know if bipolar is the right word to use but it's a happy/sad day here at the house or hospital depending on who's where.
Mom and the sisters 2 and 3 are at the hospital waiting sister 1 to give birth. Last I heard she was at 6 cm and had just got her epidural, and that was around 9 AM Idaho time. So happy happy joy baby on the way.
And then you have me, here at the house...sad because our new little baby kitten didn't make it. We got it last Tuesday? I think. Sister 1 called and said they had found the little bugger abandoned in a car. It's eyes were still closed. By the next day it's eyes were opening and seemed to be doing okay. It was eating, sleeping and doing all those other baby kitty things. When I had baby duty Sunday night it was waking every 2 hrs to be fed, I woke up Monday feeling like a zombie and pretty much was minus the craving for brains LOL. Sister 3 had baby duty Monday night and it was waking her every 1/2 hour! It wouldn't eat much if at all. So all day yesterday after it finally took some kitty formula mid slept! and slept! and slept! ALL DAY it slept! It stirred a few times, but still wouldn't eat and always fell right back to sleep.
Tried to get it to eat late last night with no luck. I was on baby duty and it woke me about 2 AM. I thought yay it's gonna eat...but alas it didn't want to yet again. It was acting like it was still sleepy, so I laid it back down in its box. When I woke up this morning, and after finding out everyone was at the hospital I turned around to check on the wee one and sadly it had passed. I feel so bad. Turning things over in my mind wondering if there was anything else I/we could have done.
We did find out it was the runt of the litter. They had found 3 more babies yesterday that were much bigger then this little bugger. They were taken to a no kill facility and placed in foster care. I hate loss. :(

This was taken the day we got the little bugger. R.I.P Baby Kitty.

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