Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm PISSED! People Need To STFU!

Okay so I am a little calmer than I was last night, but I'm still mighty pissed off.

Apparently, the Ogre's sister (a bible thumping whack job) is praying for me to get better. I didn't know I was sick! I guess finding courage and following my heart makes me sick??? News to me. Also according to said Whack Job, things that made me leave were using the Ouija board in my teens and using the Tarot cards. HUH!! Who knew? I certainly didn't.

I have come to find out he put anything I left behind out in the already overstuffed garage since Whack Job came to stay. He didn't want her to have to look at my stuff. Okay, whatever. He is letting her use my Grandma's cedar wardrobe. This irritated the girls and they told her if I knew she was using it I would be mad. My youngest told her that it used to be Grandma's and that's why it stills smells like her. And Whack Job, said "What? You mean it smells dead??? Yep that's what it smells like dead dead dead!" WHAT A BITCH!!! That was a low fucking blow.

You can say what ever the fuck you want about me, but don't say it to my kids and don't you fucking dare talk about my grandmother! In all the years I never EVER once talked shit about there mother to anyone!!! Not that I had a bad word to say about the woman, but that's not the point.

Supposedly she's staying there too until the doctor gives her the okay to back the pit she came from. I know this will be hell for the girls. SHIT she's been there since Sunday and this is the shit she's stirred up so far. Not to mention how she was going on about the evils of Harry Potter.

Sometimes I wish I could turn her into something non-human like a bug or a worm LOL. I am just surprised that it took the Whack Job a whole fucking month to start shit.


  1. Two words: Fuck her. Seriously. The bitch is batshit crazy. It's a damn good thing your girls are old enough to know this and have their heads on good and straight.

  2. Hi I often pop back to read your blog and enjoy reading. And I agree the bitch is off her head. Sounds like your kids know what she is like