Friday, May 27, 2011

I Apparently Cannot Count, Today Makes 11 Days

Or perhaps, it's that I just wish I was there already? Maybe both? Yesterday was 12, to day is 11 days until I leave. I still have the box dilemma, and the scrap book dilemma. I think I might just ship them. I don't really see a choice. I think my biggest thing is my books that I want really. Some are new, some are used. Yes most or all can be replaced. But it still ends up cheaper to ship them media rate than to try to replace them all. Especially my Eragon series which are first editions. (For whatever's a big deal to me. Almost all my Harry Potters are first too, but I am leaving those with my oldest. I think) Then there's my 50th Anniversary collector's edition of the "Lord of the Rings". Yes it was a gift from the Ogre...but it's Tolkien damn it! And my "Mists of Avalon" series. Then my herb books....FUCK there's got to be an easier way.

In total I think it's about 9 or 10 small boxes. I mean smallest is 9"x8.5"x5" and largest is 16"x10"x12". The others are assorted sizes in between. And I still need a box to put my Great Grandma's 3 little crystal sherry glasses in (I think that's what they are) and my Grandma's very old kissing Mr and Mrs Claus. I'd love to take her nativity statues but they are so old and fragile they won't make it. I'm not even sure the Mr. and Mrs. will :( as they are probably just as old. Maybe I should just leave them here?

And that's not counting my PC and monitor that I'll be shipping as well. Right now it's a toss up between UPS and FedEx. But hell if I can get a good gauge on price. If I go through the company sites I get one price. If I go through a price comparison site, I get totally different prices. UGH!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know which one I should go through if the price is close. FedEx shows it can get it there in like 4 days (ship Tuesday, arrives Friday). UPS looks like they may have a 3 day, which would get it there by Thursday.

Now some maybe thinking, what's the big deal on when it arrives. Well see, I'm a gamer, sort of. I play MMOs and I'm am an important part of a team in one of these games and there's no one that can replace me. And I don't want us missing more than we have to. Yes I care about the people I play with, so I don't want to disrupt our schedule too much for too long. Plus, it has a lot of my important shit on it too. So, yes getting it to me as quick as possible is priority.

All this part get around, to get things done and I have no one to turn to save one person...Just makes me realize how isolated I've been. When the only people you know are the people he knows...and you know that they won't believe you or help you...It really sucks. I'm just grateful to my only friend here for doing what she can, when she's able to. It really means a lot to me.

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  1. I still think you are taking way too much stuff... ;)P But you know I am here for you...
    Every time I read about what your going through, it makes me think back to my time, and I so understand. Much love to you, and I will chat with you soon.