Friday, May 20, 2011


18 days to left until I leave. Still planning/contemplating telling the Ogre this weekend. My oldest asked I would please wait until after they went to that super center place that has all the shit you need. She wants to make sure she gets stuff for her trip on Tuesday before I tell him. Fair enough, I suppose.

Still playing phone tag again this week with Miss Helpful. It sucks! I understand she is very busy. It tough because there's only 2 advocates in the office. And ironically Miss Bitchy is the one that always answers the phone. I know she probably recognizes my voice by now and I often wonder if she just doesn't send me straight to voicemail. I will try again on Monday.

Tuesday my oldest leaves for week visit to Texas to see her girlfriend. I must admit, I'm rather surprised she is getting to go. I, we thought he would continue to make excuses for her not to go. He doesn't accept her choice. (She came out to us on Christmas day.) I'm very supportive, I love my child and her choice doesn't change who she is. "HE" on the other hand has issues and is in denial. I think it was her girlfriend's parents offering to buy the ticket that got to "HIM" though. Even though we can't afford to send her. I don't know how the fuck "HE" is doing this but...she's going and thrilled. So I'm happy for her.

Tuesday will also mark 2 weeks until I leave. I'm feeling a bit scatter brained at the moment. Trying to decide still what needs to go now, what can I do with out. How will I get said boxes to be shipped? Still contemplating how to get my 2 scrapbooks there.

RIP "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I remember watching him as he went up against the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, etc. Back in the day when wrestling was wrestling...I was a fan of it. I remember meeting Ivan Putski and Ted DiBiase (I touched his hand, I was 12 and had a HUGE crush!!!) I hope his wife has a swift recovery.

And the rapture nonsense (SIGH!). Enough already? I dunno. I mean people are doing stupid shit like quitting their jobs, spending their life savings....It's madness. Now the only thing I can say is back from when I was in church, one thing that was always preached is nobody knows when this shit will go down. And I'm sorry but I clearly remember them teaching that after the rapture it's supposed to be 7 years not 5 months. And if this dumb ass old fart is gonna make such claims....why the fuck is the rest of the shit that supposedly leads up to this going on? Oh yea cuz he's full of shit? What's he gonna say when 6 rolls around and nothing happens? "Oops, I screwed up again?" People People....if you want to believe in it that's fine and dandy...but don't go doing stupid shit like quitting your job, spending your last dime, etc. I wasn't gonna talk about it but "HE" has brought it up a couple times in the last couple days. And I don't know why. LOL

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