Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Writing...

My mind has be wandering back to writing a lot lately. I haven't had anything specific jump out, not really except the image of a very haggard looking soul. Not quite sure yet where this potential character might fit in to my work in progress (that's been sitting for almost 4 years) or something new. But the thought of possibly being able to write again makes me smile. However, while I am hoping at some point to be able to focus on my fiction writing, I have have been pondering to perhaps dabble in some non-fiction.

My thinking is to possible get set up and write some articles for one of the online sites. Examiner has been suggested to me. I have been checking into which is owned by AOL. I've also consider possibly Associated Content and then I kinda get stuck. I don't want to tie myself to one source if I do this. I want to have options. So my question is to those of you that write...Which sites are you familiar with? Have you worked with? Pros/cons of the sites? What about print or e-zines, any that you would recommend as good starter places to look at?

I have some thoughts on what I might try to write about article-wise that I might want to offer a print or e-zine. I know with some of the places like SEED, you select a topic they offer and write on it. Now I know this isn't going to be a money maker, sell the farm and retire way to make money...but it will be something if I can get accepted and published. It would be a good way to fill in the gaps and make a few dollars while I try to secure a job. It's a thought. So any suggestions, advice, etc...would be welcomed and appreciated.

I would also prefer to use my maiden name instead of my married name. Is that even a possibility? I mean it is my name after all. I don't want to use my married name if I can avoid it that would be awesome. Or is possible to use a pen name for these things? Suggestions? Advice?

Oh and I leave in 19 days :D Had to throw that in there.


  1. Oh yes, definitely use your married name! There is no reason why you should not. And go for it - you won't know until you try, right? So... write! :D

  2. Well the reason I don't want to use my married name is I hate it LOL. And I want no connection between the Ogre, his last name, and my writing, I don't want that name on it. I just don't know if I can legally use my maiden name.

  3. Your going to be separated and soon divorced, you have no need to use your married name...