Friday, May 13, 2011

Update...24 days to go...

Okay so let's see...I finally once again managed to reach Miss Helpful. First it was court, then she lost her voice and was sick, then it was court again....Talked to her the other day, and tried to reach her yesterday as per her instructions and guess what....She's stuck in court...AGAIN! So I will try to get her sometime today, hopefully. Otherwise it's just more phone tag. And she is still working on finding me an attorney, so that's a plus.

I've decide I will be trying the roll and gallon zip lock bag method to pack. Now I know it won't change the weight of things, but it will allow for more room to fit the same amount of stuff in the same bag with some allowance for me to add to it if necessary. Got clarification on packing and shipping my computer too. Which will end up costing a bit less than I anticipated so that makes me VERY happy. And the extra I thought I was spending will go towards shipping out my books via media mail. YEAH! Still deciding if I want to ship my Harry Potters with me or leave them in my darling daughter's protective hands.

I think for the most part at this point is how to handle shipping my old photos that were my grandma's. I have 2 large 12x12 albums full of these old phones not to mention all the loose ones too. I have the albums in my carry on bag at the moment but man those suckers are heavy. So I thought maybe I would ship them. But I'm so afraid to do that as much as I am afraid to stick them in the checked bags. Some of those in there are the only copies I have and the pages are much too large to scan. But I need to figure something out.

The only real big decisions I have to make as far as my stuff goes is when I want to ship out my boxes. The PC will get shipped the day I leave most likely. And then it just comes down to the when and how to tell the Ogre. I pretty much know what I will tell him, but when and how...le sigh I dunno. Even Miss Helpful is unsure of how this will best be handled.

I will have the girls present (hopefully) when I do tell him. So if he doesn't want to look like a total douche and be a dick in front of the kids as well as piss them off for life...He won't tell me to leave then and there. Because to him, image is everything. And if he wants to look like the good guy, he won't tell me to leave until it's time (HOPEFULLY).


  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I am off FB for a while. I have to take a break from it all. Do you still have my email address? I thought I had your saved, but its not there. Please email me.

  2. Hey Sage, yea I do. I am pretty sure I do.