Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is My "Eat Pray Love"?

So Mother Moon is having a give away as I mentioned in my previous post. The premise is off of Liz Gilbert's book "Eat Pray Love", which is now a movie that was just released on Friday starring Julia Roberts. I love Julia from her "Steel Magnolia" to "Erin Brockovich" to "Eat Pray Love" and numerous other movies I've seen her in, though not the latest, and we share a birthday! I came across Liz Gilbert a few months back when I saw a post about her TED talk. She is an amazing woman.

I don't have, at present, the ability to travel the world to find myself even though there are days I wish I could just take off and go to the places I feel I need to go to find some answers about who I am. For now, I will need to make do with my search from the comforts of my little room. Well Mother Moon asked what is our "Eat Pray Love". And at first I just sat there going "WHAT?" Then I went and read her previous post in which she shared what hers was, and so I thought I'd share mine too.

My Eat: I can't list just one thing! There's PASTA! I love pasta, with a really good sauce the kind you want use a hunk of bread to sop up when the pasta is gone. And of course, Chocolate! I love dark chocolate, but not too bitter. One of my weaknesses is Ghirardelli's Raspberry filled dark chocolate. And chocolate truffles...there was this department store called A & S when I was growing up, and the one in downtown Brooklyn had a little gourmet chocolate counter and they had this truffle bar that was to die for. And then there was a Choxie's Truffle I fell in love with but can no longer find. Let's see...there's fresh herbs and spices to cook with. I love Chinese food and a good Indian Curry. Or a smooth, creamy cheesecake. Herbal teas or maybe an English Breakfast or Earl Grey...a nice White Zin would be good too...okay those last ones are drink but food and drink go together.

If I could travel to explore My Eat, I'd love to visit place like Italy, France, China, India...places where I could experience culinary delights of pure ecstasy.

My Pray: Being new the Pagan path, and trying to find my way. Pray is hard at times as I seem to still associate it with Christianity. But if I change my perspective its going out on the deck in the morning to listen to and see the birds, see the occasional Gecko, or catch glimpses of a butterfly, to feel the warmth of the sun before it gets too hot or feel a breeze wash over me. In the night, its to stand out beneath the moon when its full, gazing up at her while basking in the moonlight, silently speaking to the Goddess. There is a clearing in the woods behind the house that I liked going to, it seemed a nearly perfect circle. But I hate ticks and I think the woods are probably crawling with them and now a fence keeps me from venturing there anyway.

If I could travel to seek out my path, I would go to England to visit Glastonbury, the Tor, Stonehenge and other sacred sites. I'd visit Ireland and Scotland. Perhaps Greece or Egypt.

My Love: First I'd have to say my girls. They are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I think sometimes the only thing I did right. They are my world, my reasons for living. Then there's my Beloved. I don't know what I would do without him. He loves me no matter my ups and downs, my times of falling apart and pushing him away or the times I shine. He doesn't try to change me, he accepts me for who and what I am and who I may become. He supports me in everything I do or dream to do. He's my rock, my candle in the dark places, he's everything to me. Last is my furries...Lilly my cat in Idaho who I've not yet met but she knows me or so my beloved says, then there's Gizmo our kitty here, and our new addition Lucy the Yorkie.

My other loves are my writing (even if it is stalled right now), my (addiction) to pens and notebooks, BOOKS!, and All of You that stop by my little cyber world here and leave me your thoughts and notes of encouragement and support and advice. I love you all.

Thinking on these things was a challenge for me in some ways. But it made me think. I helps me to put things in perspective. I don't think there are any right or wrong answers. So what's your "Eat Pray Love"?


  1. loved your post... I truly think I could write a book simply on my "Eat"....

  2. Loved your post it was a wonderful read...I too love love love my personal library...nothing like a good read and lovely to meet another "Foodie" LOL. Brightest Blessings )o(