Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Should Be Careful What I Wish For...LOL

I've been wanting to remember my dreams. I even moved the dream catcher away from over my bed. I've only been remembering small segments like what I posted a few days ago, and then the ones I'm about to tell you about. (the dream portion is a crosspost from my other blog. I have followers here that I don't have there and vice versa).

Couple nights ago, I was in an old building. It was at least 2 story, but not necessarily with a second floor more like the roof was just vaulted that high. It was dim, almost like lit by candles or lanterns, and only enhanced more by the dark rain clouds outside. I could make out the think heavy timbers with dark stain that made up the walls and the ceiling. I know I was with my beloved and my eldest daughter.

We opened the door, and it was indeed raining, but moving off to our right. On opening the door I knew I was not stateside, and when I looked back at the building, I could see the heavy wood timbers and the white plaster of the building walls. Quite reminiscent of a home or shop in an old village. The clouds to the right were dark, the ones to the left were more gray. Out in front was a long dirt or stone road with a split rail fence and fields on either side of it, and a large group of trees off in the distance. Above us the clouds broke, and I could see some of the blue sky, and rays of sunshine though not the sun itself...And then a full rainbow appeared over us. I told my beloved "Kiss me quick under the rainbow." ....Then I woke up.

Last night I was where appeared to be a street in my childhood neighborhood. It was night, and there was a full moon. It was big and bright, and I found myself annoyed at the street light. I was marveling at the moon, when a smaller but reddish or orange-y red object appeared. At first I thought oh my it's Mars. But then 2 more of them appeared, like 3 moons of a red or orange-red, but they seemed fade or dim. Not bright. Together they formed a triangle...the first and smallest on the left, a larger one at the top and the third a tad smaller then the top one.

I was in awe. But if I looked at the Bright moon, the 3 went away...if I looked at the 3 the bright one went away. I thought I need my oldest to photograph, but I couldn't get to her for some reason. So I thought I would try to with my cell phone. But I couldn't focus, and they started to disappear, by the time I managed the photo there was only one remaining.

I have been looking into the meanings again of key words that jump out at me. Some of it does make sense, some I just confuse myself more. I know there may be nothing at all, or maybe some messages in these bits that I remember. I'm trying not to obsess over them, or over think them...but it's hard to not do that. Especially when this is a new area for me. Any insights would be most welcome.

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  1. Keep writing them down...keep studying. Sometimes we are given views to our past lives. Don't know if you ever checked out my Dream blog, but maybe it might help some. I love remembering dreams...and in time, you can actually learn what is called lucid dreaming...projecting yourself into your dreams. Lately, I've been able to do this almost all the time.