Monday, August 16, 2010

Shadowscapes Tarot

I've been wanting this deck for a while. They are just such a beautiful deck. And I won them! Woot!!! I received them in the mail today, and all I can say is wow.

Since I am so new to reading Tarot, they are probably a bit more advanced than I'm ready for. And the accompanying book, as far as card meanings, is way over my head right now. At least in the sense of what my other book gives me.

But, still, I had to try to do a reading with the deck. I shuffled the deck on and off all evening as the mood struck. Finally when I felt I was ready to draw my cards, I did so. I typically will do a 3 card spread. Tonight I drew the Knight of Pentacles, King of Wands, and Eight of Cups. Ah, the Eight of Cups, back again to smack me upside my head. I consulted the companion book first and was confused. So I turned to my other 2 books that I have, and looked on 2 websites to get a handle on what the cards meant. Then just for added information and maybe a little more clarity, I drew two more cards. First the Wheel of Fortune, and then the Three of Swords.

Mainly I feel like they are telling me what I already know in my heart. I wasn't expecting though to have such a clear reading my first go around with the deck. I have also started to a Tarot notebook to write down what cards get drawn and what their meanings are. I still don't know which deck is going to be my "go to" deck. And sometimes I try all three decks just to see if it all makes sense or not.

But this really and truly is a beautiful deck. I love the art work and the colors. They are easy to shuffle too.


  1. Tarot is such a wonderful tool for self-knowledge on the spiritual journey -- enjoy your new deck!

  2. ~a beautiful deck to receive...may they offer guidance and comfort each tim eyou chose to read them...i l♥ve my cards and often find peace once i am done reading...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Ahhh yes, this deck is beautiful and you are doing lovely and listening to your instincts paired up with some book knowledge...if you need any help...let me know...I can help you basically the cards are always right...its based upon the interpreter...I look forward to sharing and learning from you too. I love, love love tarot reading...You go girl! Brightest blessings )o(