Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Dreams, What Do They Possibly Mean?

The other night, I had a dream. Of a courtyard made of white stone with a large round fountain. People were gathered some in the courtyard near the fountain, others on a set of steps leading up to a castle (perhaps). Two large white horses came running up, splashed through the fountain and stopped before a young man amidst the crowd. He held out his hand to calm the people telling them it's alright, the horses were messengers. The young man held a helmet in his hand and wore some sort of ancient garb, possibly Roman, but this wasn't Rome. I think he may have been a prince.

Last night, I dreamed of being on a beach looking for crystals (gemstones). The tide was coming in and the waves were gently lapping at the shore. I found one fairly large (about the size of a grapefruit maybe) gem. It was tri-colored...clear at the bottom, a blue in the center and then a light purple at the top. A small piece of it broke off that was half blue half purple. I put my hand in the sand to retrieve it and spied a yellowish gem. Every time I tried to get the yellow one the waves would come and pull it away. Then as I was digging through the sand, I find another large crystal. This one was a smokey amethyst color with dark lines through it. I felt like I needed to keep digging but the water was covering the area I was searching, thus ending my dream.

I've been looking up some key word meanings on line, but I'd love to get some feed back from you guys as well. Any ideas?

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  1. your first dream sounds quite similiar to a dream I had repeatedly some time back. I still ponder back on it at times to reflect and see if I can gain some insight as to what it may be telling me. Yet I have not as yet come to a conclusion that satisfys me...

    As for the second one I would say that the gems and their colors represent someting in your life which are working towards or wanting to achieve. The gems which seem to keep falling out of your grasp are those areas which you are having some difficulty in attaining. I would say to focus on the colors and type of gem as a representation as to what they may symbolize.