Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week of 8/9/10...

Heh, gotta love the date we won't see that for another hundred years. Anywho, Inharmony put up this weeks horoscopes. And as usual, resonates some with me. The forging a new life path, dealing with fears, confronting and dealing with beliefs, etc.

She also says to pay attention to my dreams, now this is the second time this week I've read this. The problem is though....I'm having trouble remembering anything from my dreams. And if I do remember something, it's weird and crazy and makes no sense at all, and are such small snippets I can't glean anything from them.

I can see the need to deal with fears especially when it comes to my relationship with my beloved, and the forging of a new life path (with my beloved and of my own with my studies and possibly selling my crafts). I can also relate to the need to deal with and getting past ingrained beliefs on a spiritual level. I just wish I could remember my dreams or the at least the portions of importance, for there is where the answers to some of my questions lie.

Inharmony says:
scorpio- monday's new moon falls in your 10th house of career and standing in the world pointing to the way out of all the grand cross intensity that has been dynamically activating your chart (and the world) over the past several weeks. any situations involving work, health, communication or deep unconscious fears can be dealt with by starting a new chapter in your life path- but the new chapter that asks to be written will not be easy or quick. it requires work and pruning away of the old- this new moon demands we deal with anything we are not acknowledging! meanwhile venus, mars and saturn are aligned in your 12th house of the unconscious bringing important lessons about self-mastery of the yin and yang within into play. confronting deeply held beliefs and patterns about what the feminine and masculine are and what you are allowed to portray can open up a whole new way of being- but the confrontation of the unconscious required ain't no walk in the park. with your 12th house so highly activated paying attention to your dreams is key. answers come in the middle of the night that the ego would never allow to come in the light of the day. pay attention to the signs- and let your Soul, rather than your ego, interpret them.


  1. Keep a pen and notebook or a tape recorder beside your bedside. The moment you open your eyes, even if in the middle of the night, jot down sentences or even just words to help stir your memory when you awaken. After some practice, you will be able to do it.

  2. somehow stumbled on to your blog....nice one indeed...very interesting..the notebook beside bedside is good....somewhat strange...but as i have got older I wake up after each dream and remember them clearly...anyways...do you write poetry?

  3. Thank you Wayne for stopping by. I used to write poetry when I was in my teens. I haven't tried to write any in a long time. Though, it is something that has been tugging at the far corners of my mind....so perhaps I shall one day soon try to write some again.