Thursday, August 19, 2010

Possible meanings?

So I've spent a good part of the day and some of last night, looking up key things from both dreams. I've found the following tidbits across various sites on the web. I wrote a lot down in my notebook, but I looked at so many I didn't bookmark or write down any of the web addresses. Sorry :(

I'll start with the horses. I initially thought of Epona. And while that seemed to click for me, I kept thinking there's more than one horse. And Rhiannon kept coming to mind. Horses symbolize strength, power, endurance; a white horse signifies purity, prosperity, good fortunes. Horses also symbolize hands on/spiritual healers. So then I looked up the 2 Goddesses.

Epona is a Celtic horse Goddess, other sites listed her as Gaulish. She can be seen as a Goddess of dreams, can be helpful in manifesting dreams and is a good protector to have when venturing on a new life path; also can be called upon if one is having trouble sleeping or wishing to have insightful dreams.

Rhiannon is a Welsh Goddess. She is known as a Muse for poets, artists, and royalty. She acts as a Muse bringing illuminating energy of Inspiration to writers, poets, musicians, and artists. She as been associated with Vivienne and the Lady of the Lake. One of her animal associations is the hummingbird! (I just saw one the other day after not seeing any for a couple years!) One of the associated gemstones with her is Amethyst (saw them in my second dream).

Castle can relate to past life influences.

The other dream: Beach symbolizes approach to spirituality or life. Water symbolizes spirituality, emotional state of mind, knowledge, healing, refreshment. Calm waves symbolize renewal and clarity. Crystals are associated with the healing powers of the spirit. To see crystals in you dreams signifies wholeness, purity, healing, development, and unity. May be a metaphor for something in your life that is taking shape. Crystal healer.

There seems to be some running themes and connections with both dreams. The Amethysts, healing, spirituality, new paths, writing, being a healer. Horses can also be seen as messengers from the Otherworld. One of Rhiannon's other associated animals is a dog...we just got a Yorkie last week (she was given to us).

I have been asking the Goddess to reveal herself to me, so that I may call her by name. Perhaps this is how she or they are choosing to do just that. I don't know if I am on the right track or there is some other meanings here and I'm just totally missing the point. But, it's a start.

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  1. Just had a look at your blog. Love it. Really like how you are trying to look at your dreams in such a deep way. I have a lot of strange and wonderful dreams. I have untangled a couple which I will add to my blog soon.

    It sounds like the Goddess is already making herself known to you. Keep meditating on the dreams, the goddess may come to you in your meditations