Friday, June 11, 2010

I Don't Speak Lawyerese

Why the hell is it that when ever you get a letter from the courts it's all in legal jargon that I can't friggin' understand. I mean if you're sending it to the lawyers I get it...they studied it and are fluent in it or should be...but me...I'm just a lowly civilian and I'm clueless. If they are gonna send me a damn letter, spell it out in plain English so that I know if something has been discharged or not. Don't throw a bunch of legal code at me and talk in a foreign form of English that just sets my head spinning in circles. And forget trying to call the lawyers, all I ever get is voice mail, they never call me back to answer my questions. Just because we've already gone to court and you've gotten most of your money from us, doesn't mean that you can ignore me.

That's my vent for the day. (not saying it will be my only one :D)


  1. Your lawyers should explain what it says. It is their job!

  2. I know, but good luck with trying to get someone to call back. I've called on several occasions when I've gotten one of these letters regarding the case and I get forwarded straight to voice mail and NEVER get a call back.