Thursday, November 26, 2009

After the Turkey...Sorta

You know, I really dreaded this day and for good reason. Spending it with "HIM" and his sister is just...UGH! If it weren't for my girls I think I'd have gone nuts.

To start, "SHE" comes waltzing in like a prima donna as usually is the case with her. Que fake air kiss and fake sentiments. "SHE" was cold to me and my girls right after she walked in the door. My oldest said she could feel the icicles forming. Of course, "HE" wasn't here at that particular moment so he didn't see the performance "SHE" put on. Not that it would have mattered if "HE" did.

Then we have the forced family photo with poor little Tom Turkey. I tried my best to avoid standing too close to "HIM". But "HE" wasn't having it. On the second photo, "HE" deliberately moved my youngest over so that "HE" could be close to me and try to put an arm around me. I tried to pull away some, and "HE" scolded me like I was a 5 year old.

I have a pretty good relationship with my kids. We homeschool, so we spend a lot of time together. And even if they were in public school, I'd still be home waiting for them after school. Well we tend to cut up a bit quite often, we have fun together. We enjoy goofing off, ya know. Well we were having a bit of a silly moment as we were serving ourselves some of the trimmings of dinner. And "SHE" proceeded to say how my girls and I spend entirely too much time together. EXCUSE ME?!?!? Spend too much time with my kids? Is that wrong? Is it a crime? Am I supposed to push them off on other people to take care so I don't have to deal with them? Oh wait, heh, that's what "SHE" did with her son when he was growing up. I can't tell you how many weekends this kid spent with us growing up because "SHE" needed space. And if the kid wasn't with us, he was with "HER" cousin. And she wonders why he moved out of state and refuses to move his wife and child back here to live with her.

Then "SHE" kept saying my girls have no concept of etiquette. And how schools are starting to implement lessons in etiquette because kids today have no concept of it or some shit like that. And how "SHE" could give them a good lesson in how to behave properly. I'm sorry but I don't believe I asked you. And if I don't or didn't have a problem with their behavior what place is it of "HERS". I mean they weren't doing anything wrong, they were talking to each other and giggling. We were at home, no strangers per say. And for the record, when we are out to eat in public, they are quiet 99% of the time. Unless it's a noisy place to begin with, LOL.

Oh, yea...and then there was "THE BLESSING!" We stopped saying grace at the table along time ago. Probably some where around the time we stopped going to church for the hundredth time? LOL! Any, "HE" made a big show of say grace probably for "HER" benefit but still...and all my youngest could do was giggle through it all. Which "HE" scolded her for by the way. I was secretly cheering her on to be honest. LOL I couldn't help it.

Then on to the meal, and more of "HER" complaining about the girls etiquette or in "HER" opinion lack there of. So as part of a conversation, "HE" brings up about the Macy's parade in NYC. Earlier in the day, "HE" asked me for the 20th year in a row if I had ever attended as a kid or while I was living in NY. And for the 20th year in a row, my response was the same as it's always been "NO" followed by the same explanation of why I didn't ever go. And for 20 years "HE" had always said "HE" never attended either...until today. "HE" asked his sister if she'd ever gone, and "HER" reply was no and "HE" was like "Yea she never went either. But you know, I did one year back when I had a Macy's card." I just sat there and was like WTF? All these years you tell me you never went and now all of a sudden you did once! Just another lie to add to the list, and makes me wonder just how many more there are that I don't know.

After I finished eating, I just couldn't take it anymore listening to those two. So I finally left the room, went back to my room and that's where I've stayed pretty much for the last few hours. I can't wait till this day is finally over and "SHE" goes home. But they're having one of their heavy holy roller bible discussions and how certain people are where they are in their lives today solely because of them. Then I still have to deal with "HIM" 3 more days! UGH...Is it Monday yet??

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