Friday, November 2, 2018

I'm Back....I Think

Well, I sort of feel human again.  But not quite 100%.

I came down with that cold going around about three weeks ago.  After a week of it, I started to feel a bit better so I went out.  I wanted to go to a particular craft store before Mom T. had her knee surgery.  And I wanted to make sure I got to go early vote. Which we did!  Thankfully.

I ended up getting worse after going out and was even "sick" if you can call it that on my birthday this past Sunday.  Made the best of it though. I got a bunch of Sloth themed stuff which made my day.

I still have this dry-ish cough and my ears feel like I am underwater.  My chest and back, between my shoulders, hurt from all the coughing.  Though that could also be part of the chronic pain or both.  It's a bit hard to tell honestly.

I have been working at keeping my fluids up.  I have drunk so much water in the last couple of weeks I'm surprised I'm not waterlogged! LOL

I gave up soda about two moths ago? Did I tell ya?  The craving it is getting better.  Even with three twelve packs about four feet away, I haven't really been tempted.  I've switched to the flavored seltzers and sparkling waters. Being under the weather, even that didn't sound great.  BUT....when I was out a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to try one of those health chairs in Walmart that check BP and weight and such.  And according to it, I lost 4 pounds!  And all I did was quit soda!  Who knew?!  I probably did, but SODA! 

My friend wants me to ditch the seltzer and sparkling waters too.  She says the carbonation is bad for your bones.  I dunno.  I like them.  And I have several cans to drink.  I can't just give those up right now because I'm the only one who even drinks them.  Maybe I'll give it some research and thought.

Speaking of thoughts.  I feel like turning 49 has triggered something in me.  Like why do I keep holding on to things and people. Especially people that I feel like couldn't give two shits about me.  Or people that still make me feel like I have to fit into a certain box for them.  Why do I keep trying to figure out how be accepted by people who I have never felt I was accepted by in the first place? Am I saying that right?  I dunno.   I just feel like there are people I hold on to for one reason or another, that don't even give me a passing thought.  I'm having a lot of "I was there when you needed me but that's the only time you know/knew me" type feelings.  Maybe it's just a partial OMG next year I'll be 50! thing too....I dunno. 

NaNo started yesterday. And this post is the most I've written.  Great start eh?  It's all good, it's early and there's plenty of time to catch up.

Mom T. had her knee replacement surgery on Monday.  So I've been busy helping take care of her and staying on top of her pain meds and such.  She's doing quite well.  In some ways, I think she is doing better than her surgery in January. We have already noticed some differences in the procedure between then and now.  Also her recovery seems better in many ways this time around.  Monday is the first post op appointment so well get an idea of how things are going.

Another chilly fall day with wind in the forecast and the rain has started.  At least it's not dark and dreary, at least not yet.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Hubby had that nasty cold not too long ago. It just lingers on and on. I'm fortunate I did not catch it. I have enough problems going on. Pain just gets worse and worse. Doctor said my blood showed low levels of vitamin D. Hoping the vitamin D2 the doctor prescribed will help it.

    1. I hear ya on the pain. I'm sorry it's getting worse :( The D2 should help.
      The cough is the worst. It's so exhausting! Hope your hubby is on the mend.