Monday, November 6, 2017

Do You Ever?

Do you ever feel so silenced you think you are invisible?
Do you ever feel like any thing and every thing you say goes unheard?
Do you ever feel like everything you do goes unnoticed?

Unless of course it is something bad or contradictory and then EVERY ONE notices and hears it.

Do you ever feel like when you try to help, you only end up make things worse?
Do you ever feel like when you try to give advice on something you could write
a book about because "you've been there, done that" and people act like you don't know
jack shit about it?
Do you ever just feel helpless and useless and like what's the fucking point of trying if you
don't even matter?

Do you ever? Do you ever? DO YOU EVER?

I get so tired of trying to be seen and heard and acknowledge. I get so tired of being
silenced and invisible. I get so tired of being dismissed like I am stupid and I don't
know anything.

Maybe it's something.
Maybe it's nothing.
Maybe it's just past shit playing head games with me.

But there are times where I wonder if I just disappeared would anyone even notice I was gone.

You know, just pack a bag and go be a hermit in the woods kind of thing.

Old wounds fuck with you no matter how far passed them you think you have gotten.

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