Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Day! I'm shocked and amazed...'s been a heck of a day... I finally got to go to the Alive! Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center. Only been trying to go for the last oh 4 maybe 5 years? "HE" finally gave in...why, I don't know but "HE" did.

There was a lot to see...many vendors, I think I must have walked the place at least 3 times over just to make sure I saw everything. Most were different supplement companies promoting their products. A few massage centers were there, some organic food vendors...even an Indian Vedic who was doing among other things...past life readings. I wanted to have it done so so badly...he would have covered up to 5 past lives...but $79 was more than I could have spent this trip. So sadly I didn't do it...I wish I had...but there was no way I could spend that amount.

Then there was also a mini psychic fare going on at the expo as well. They had some tarot card readers. And I struggled with getting a reading done for like half hour. I had a bad experience about 20 years I was very hesitant to get it done. As I walked around for the 3rd time...pondering if I should or not...I caught up with my little one and she was like "MOM! Did you see the psychic fare?" I told her I did, and wanted to have a reading done but knew "HE'D" be against it. She says "PFFT! Go for it if you want it." Soooooooo...I did. And OMG!

The reader was one the money...I mean spot on. I didn't have to tell her anything at all. First she did a birth reading based on my date of birth (m/d/yr). She told me about my Scorpio nature, and my Gemini moon sign. And about the other signs on the day of my birth. She read me like a book on most of that, lol.

Then she had me pick 7 cards and proceeded to interpret them, then had me pick 7 more and interpreted them too. She saw a lot in the cards. I was truly amazed. She saw me as creative, intuitive, strong psychic ability. She said I needed to get a set of tarot cards and learn to use them and practice with them. She said she saw creativeness with writing, movies, and/or photography, that I'd write steamy sexy stuff...she asked what kind of writing I was interested in...I told her fantasy...she said "oh, you're the next J.K." Of course that thrilled me to even think I could be in the same realm as her.

She said I was indecisive, that I had trouble making decisions. She saw my beloved...and new he was younger, she also saw "HIM" and new he was the older. She said "HE" doesn't want to let go and won't make it easy. She saw me traveling and something about Florida but she didn't elaborate. She saw me studying and that I'd do well in my classes. She saw finances improving in the next year or so. Again my purpose came up and she said it has to do with counseling, writing, spiritual/creative, photography, working in holistic healing was most likely where I would end up. She said I'd most likely end up using tarot cards as part of my business. And that I might be starting a business in the next year.

She also said "HE" doesn't want to let me go. She had trouble seeing it in the cards I picked. She continued to go through the deck and both of them kept coming up, she saw that I was strongly drawn to my beloved, and that I would be with him. She saw that he is planning for us to be together. She said it would be 10 months to a year before I'd get "HIM" out of my life, but that it would happen. And she did see me and my beloved together and that we'd be married.

It's so much to take in. I'm still trying to process it all. I also bought 3 stones: a moonstone, a rose quartz, and a kyanite.


  1. Tarot cards can be a wonderful tool for self knowledge and understanding. Glad you had a positive experience to make up for that bad one long ago!

  2. So glad you got yourself a reading. You must do things for yourself, regardless of what others think!

    Glad you got some positive news/ideas and words of encouragement. Good things ahead for you!