Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st

WOW! My 85th post! I'm kind of surprised I have that many, last blog I had never made it past the "welcome to my blog" post.

On this day, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy May Day! Blessed Beltane or Blessed Samhain depending on where you live.

Did you's also National Love Day in the Czech Republic, Lei Day in Hawaii, and Herb Day? There are a bunch of others but I picked the coolest ones. Also on this day in 1967 Elvis married Priscilla in Vegas,
the first cooked meals on a scheduled flight are introduced on an Imperial Airways flight from London to Paris in 1927, dwarf planet Pluto officially named 1930, the Empire State Building is dedicated in New York in 1931, Kingdom of Hawaii established by King Kamehameha in 1785...just some random useful or useless facts I came across.

And if your a Middle Earth nut like me, from :

The following event(s) took place in Middle-earth on May 1st:

  • Gandalf and Bilbo reach Rivendell (1342)
  • Sarn Ford where Gandalf and Aragorn met (1418)
  • Crowning of King Elessar (1419)
  • Elrond and Arwen set out from Rivendell (1419)
  • Samwise marries Rose (1420)

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