Thursday, May 27, 2010

My First Tarot Deck

Got the chance to get up to Books-A-Million today...and lo and behold they actually got a restock on their tarot decks and even some new additions to their new age/pagan book section.

I looked at all they had in stock...picking out the ones I'd already been looking at on various sites. Started with 3 choices, put one back because I knew I could get it way cheaper online (like half price including the shipping! Which I ordered when I got home. It's the Gilded Tarot deck) So now I'm down to 2 choices.

Finally settled on the Mystic Dreamers Tarot. It's a pretty deck (far better the deck I bought long ago that didn't appeal to me at all but thought it was the deck I was "supposed to" have), came with a book and a bag to hold my cards in. I had had this deck in my hands pondering to purchase on more than one occasion, so I knew I was drawn to it in some fashion. Now I get to learn about my cards and how to read them.


  1. This is a deck I've been looking at for a while too. Glad you found it - let us know how you like working with it.

    I have the Guilded Tarot deck and I love it! The same person put out "Legacy of the Divine" tarot and I'm wanting that one too! So many to love!

  2. This is one of the decks I use -- I love it! Enjoy getting to know your cards.