Friday, February 12, 2010

Let It Snow!'s snowing here in Georgia. This is what it looked like just 3 hours after the snow started to fall in big ole chunky about the size of a quarter flakes. The above picture is my herb garden box covered in snow.
This picture here is of some of the young pine trees in my backyard. This is like the first real significant snow fall I've seen in years. It all looks so pretty but it's just so cold. I like to look at the snow in all its wintery glory, but that's about it.
They said we could get 1" to 3" but from the looks of the way its been coming down, I'm going to venture a guess that we'll get a bit more than that. If it continues like it has been I'd bet we could see up to 6 inches!

It's definitely a cozy up with a mug of hot tea or hot cocoa kind of day.

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  1. Ellie - go with what moves you. Good for you for going after the herbalism education! Do what you love. I write as well, but haven't sat and pounded out a story in years. The muse is still there - just working on other things. It's all creativity - enjoy it!

    Cheering for you!