Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jamie Oliver and Teaching Our Kids About Food

The more I delve into my passion to change things of how and what we eat, learning my herbal lessons, learning about herbs in general, the more I find things like articles or other people on the same or similar wave of thought. Things have been popping up at me on my little bunny trails left and right about GMOs and how dangerous they are and how they are hidden in our foods, or just on living more organically, or supporting our local farmers instead of the big farmers that use pesticides on their crops...just to name a few.

I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew school food wasn't the healthiest by any means. Jamie Oliver has a show coming up at the end of March I believe about his visit to Huntington, WV which was named the unhealthiest city in America. He won a TED award for this... (Congrats Jamie!) Watch here for his moving presentation and reflections on what he found in Huntington.

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  1. I love Jamie. He is just brilliant. And he does wonderful things with and for the love of food. I loved his restaraunt project, his tour through British schools and his trip to Italy. I think he'll do grand things for school food in America (if the school system will work with him!)