Wednesday, June 13, 2018


After two months of living with an unplanned nature made skylight, the trusses finally arrived this afternoon. 

To say I was  excited to see that truck is an understatement.

The plan is they will begin first thing in the early morning by coming in and tearing down the ceiling. Removing the insulation from the "attic" area.  I'm assuming bringing in the dumpster too.

Not sure how much will get done by the weekend.  But we are just so happy that things are finally moving in good direction. 

So grateful to the insurance agent, the claim adjuster, and the on site adjuster for getting involved and helping to get things moving.

The upside was knowing the trusses were here before the contractor knew because they were scheduled for delivery tomorrow and not today.

Once this is done, we can finally get back to living and doing instead of sitting in limbo twiddling our thumbs.

NOW.....Please let's have good dry weather, no wind, and everything go smoothly so we can have our house back in one piece.

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  1. I can imagine how miserable this time must have been. Just know that skylight was up there must have been so unnerving. Glad it's about to be fixed.