Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Winter Wonderland View

There is something about everything being covered in ice for the first time in a season that gives me a sense of awe.  I can't help but want to capture and preserve what I see to look back on the beauty that was made by Mother Nature.  I'm sure I'll have more chances to capture frozen beauty, we're in for some pretty frigid temps in the coming week.  By next weekend we're looking at a low of -4 on one day and a high of 8 on another. This is the coldest it has been this time of year since I have been here. It keeps me indoors because I am afraid of falling and reinjuring myself on the ice covered snow.  I fell at the beginning of the year and hurt my hip and butt cheek which was a lovely shade of purple and my tailbone. I really don't want a repeat of that.  It wasn't fun.  But it's not as fun to take pictures from inside either.  Maybe I will brave the outside world yet!

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