Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Wolf Moon Blessings

I wish you all blessings on this first full moon of the year, the Full Wolf Moon. 

I have, for the last couple of days, been feeling the very strong energy coming off this full moon.  To the point, that today, my skin could feel what I can only explain as electric energy in the air.  I feel very on edge, jumpy.  I don't know what to do with myself when I feel the moon this strongly.  I don't know how to channel it.

I decided to pull some tarot cards.  I want to try and do that on a regular basis, especially on the full moons.  I am hoping to remember to do it on the new moons as well, and even pull one daily.  I really want to learn to read them, not just by what the book says they mean but intuitively too. 

Anyway, I shuffled my Gilded Tarot deck and focused on the question "What do I need to know?"  I then fanned out my cards and closed my eyes, chose three cards.  I laid them out in the order I picked them and turned them over.

The cards I drew were:
  1. Ace of Wands (New adventure or way of life.  Pregnancy or birth.)
  2. The World   (Triumph and achievement, success, happiness.)
  3. Seven of Swords  (Diplomacy, not aggression.  Situation not going as anticipated.)
The first 2 have positive messages relating to beginnings, creativity, success.  The third card always troubles me when it comes up.  Especially given that we have struggled so much financially in the past year, from July to now specifically.

I felt inclined to then draw a fourth card from the top of the deck.  This card was the Six of Pentacles  (Successful gains.  Sharing.  Gift.) 

If anyone cares to offer their insights to the cards I drew, feel free to comment.  I always do enjoy another's point of view on them. 

Bright Blessings!!!

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