Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Intent Is There, NaBloWriMo Day 2

It is, it really is.  It's all up here in my head.  All these different things I think about posting about or not posting about :D

Then there's the stuff I should be writing for 2PAD challenge, of which I have fallen behind...again.  I could list my excuses like the weather's been changing, the farms around here have been harvesting so that's got my allergies flaring up, or they just flare up in general, I kept feeling like I was trying to fight off a cold, and I could go on and on how all that was/is affecting me.  But then I ask myself, What about the rest of the day?  There are plenty of hours between waking and sleeping to do the writing/posting/etc you want to do.  

The thing is (maybe this is in my head, I dunno) ever since I started actually writing back in uh 2005 or so, I always seemed to have gotten the most done at night after everyone was in bed.  That's when I would research and write, though I did a lot of research during the day too but still, most of the actual writing I did was late at night.

This month is National Blog Writing Month, 31 days - 31 posts.  I never got around to it yesterday, I really wasn't sure if I was going to try even to do it.  I still haven't really made up my mind.  I also need to think and prep for NaNo next month.  I was going through some of my earlier attempts at writing and NaNo.  And came across a couple of print outs that I had of a story/exercise I was doing with a friend.  We started one and after a few back and forth writing on it, he wanted to stop that one because things I was writing was getting too close to his novel plot ideas.  So we agreed to start over with something else.  And this time, things were getting too close to some ideas I had for a plot.  Now here's my dilemma on this....we've lost touch.  He got "too busy" with his life/job/wife to keep up our exercise or our friendship.  Okay fine, whatever.  I'd really like to use these for one of my stories at some point.  Can I use all of it, his and mine or just mine?  I have to rework some of what I wrote, but like he wrote out what one of the characters looked like and she is very close in description to what I had in mind except for a couple of minor details.  There isn't enough of what we did together to even probably make up a full chapter.  (what we did was I'd write as much as I could come up with, then he'd take up where I left off, then it was my turn to pick it up again.  we did that on both exercises.  the intent was to get us writing and our creative juices flowing.) 

It really sucks sometimes having all these plot ideas in my head and no idea who to get them on paper and molded into a complete and readable story.

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