Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still No Word

I've been playing a game of one sided phone tag since Friday with Ms. Helpful. She's been tied up with court everyday. And seems will be till at least Thursday. I will try on Friday, BUT...with it being Good Friday, I don't know if they will be in the office. AND the Ogre is home too! BLEH!!!

I'm going to keep pursuing this option for as long as I can. While I'm waiting to talk to her, I've been purging old shit from my possession that I don't need... How I keep so much shit, is beyond me! I mean old junk mail I never got around to tossing, old bills, just plain crap. The shredder hasn't seen this much of a work out since I moved Grandma down here in 2001! No joke, I overheat the sucker at least 3 times a day!

Another avenue I might consider is leaving and then filing from Idaho. I will need to call some legal services down there and inquire about that. GA law says I have to file where the Ogre resides. ID law says I have to file where I reside, and I have to live there minimum 6 weeks. I'd need to establish residency (somehow, somewhere).

I'm counting on that the Ogre doesn't and won't have money to file before I do. I'm hoping that we can do this all amicably. I don't know when to tell him and get him to accept that I want out. So many times, I've been so close to saying it. But I need to make sure I have my stuff together first. And deciding what to take isn't easy...it's not hard, but it's not easy.

When I was 16, I lost everything just about due to being evicted. So I tend to hold onto things, more than I should. But I can't take everything. I need to just take what's important. And maybe the stuff I can't take right now, I can have someone hold for me and ship later. Once I'm settled. I'd start sending stuff myself, but I think that would raise suspicion. So I better not. And then not knowing just how soon I will be getting out there....I've given myself a minimum/maximum time frame just to keep myself on track. If I stay with the it will happen whenever attitude, I will end up staying longer than I should. And that will wear me down even more. I have to make this happen, it won't just manifest by itself. It's scary but in a good kind of way (I think lol).

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