Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wishcast Wednesday - Hunger

It's Wishcast Wednesday again, and I missed (avoided, dodged) last week's. I just didn't know how to answer it, I didn't know what to wish for.

Last week, we were asked "What do wish to renew?" I think, I wish to renew my ability to trust. To trust others, to trust myself, to trust my intuition, to trust my beloved. Trust is very hard for me to do. Every time I open myself up to trust someone, even just a little they hurt me. Okay, my beloved hasn't but it's still not easy to place my trust in him. Even though, in the almost two years we've been together he's not ever given me reason not to trust him. *sigh*...I just don't know how to learn to trust again.

This week, Jamie asks "What hunger do you wish to feed?" I wish to feed my passion to create, my desire to learn be it herbalism, to draw/paint, druidry or whatever my path is, my longing to trust my beloved. These are things I long to feed.


  1. Great things to feed. Trust being the strongest I would think. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you.

  2. As you wish for yourself, I so lovingly wish for you as well!

  3. As Ellie wishes to renew her ability to trust, trust others, herself and her beloved, so I wish for as well. And as she wishes to feed her passion for creative expression in art, herbalism and druidry, and trusting her beloved... so I wish for her as well.

    xoxo Valerie