Saturday, April 3, 2010

Organic Shopping Trip

So, for weeks now, I've been pushing to buy more organic. But "HE" insists we don't have to and/or it's too expensive. I however, keep insisting that we should at least check things out at the DeKalb Farmer's Market, at least for the sake of the girls. (I hate asking "HIM" for anything, but sometimes the only way to win is to say its for the girls, but anyway).

Well, I finally won the battle to go there. The place is HUGE! And it was packed. It's an international farmer's market, it was like the U.N. in there. People from all over the world shopping under one roof, with goods available from local, stateside and international.

In the produce, spice and dry goods area it was like being a kid in a candy store! Things looked really fresh and vibrant. I got some purple potatoes, a bunch of carrots in a variety of colors, and then a regular bunch, some beets, water cress, arugula, tomatoes, several spices, button and baby portabello mushrooms, some basmati rice. I picked up some Yellow Root, 2 kinds of honey from a local farm one wildflower the other orange blossom, a bottle of Agave, and some organic sugar.

The girls had a blast seeing everything. They were all can we get this or that and how about this. I was glad to see they were as excited as I was. "HE" said I was 'allowed' to spend 100 to 125 dollars, it came to 168 dollars. There's alot more I'd like to have gotten, but all in all I am pleased with my goodies. I know I could probably do better dollar-wise, but I was excited to be there and I didn't get to see the bakery goods or anything either.

"HE" promised another trip in a couple weeks or so...but I won't hold my breath. This trip alone took me over a month to get "HIM" to give in. See "HE" is trivializing this whole thing that I want to do, "HE" criticizes it, puts it down, makes comments that imply "HE" thinks it's just a fad for me.

Even if I had to endure a few hours out with "HIM", I'm not letting that take away from the fun I had at the store.

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  1. 'He' should realize that you are doing what is best for 'His' has so much more nutrition than the stuff grown on depleted soils...I have taken Hubs to the health food place occasionally, but only if he promises not to make inappropriate comments...he's usually pretty good about that...