Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do I cut a hurtful person out of my life?

If you've read my post from a couple of days know I've been lied to by a person I allowed myself to trust at one time. His actions have affected me more than I thought they would. I can't get his most recent band of lies out of my head.

Thank you Debra and Rue for your advice. A part of me is agreeing with you, most of me is.

I am angry at him. I am hurt. I am angry at myself for allowing it. I could have just went on avoiding him, but I felt like I was running from a problem and not facing it. I thought if I faced him, if I told him what his actions did to me, it would be over and done with it and could move on with my life. I felt like avoiding a confrontation with him was preventing me from moving on completely.

I want/need to get this person out of my head now. It's weighing me down in ways I do not like. I just don't know how. I know that confronting him on these latest things will amount to nothing but more aggravation and frustration for me. I know that no matter what proof I throw at him, he will twist things around. I don't even think going to his girl friend would help.

I've thought of doing some sort of breaking the ties spell. But it has to be something simple as I've never cast any sort of spell (I'm sure spells I do on a character in World of Warcraft don't count :D LOL). I don't know of any, nor do I know where to look. All I know is I need to rid myself of him in my life. I need to move on and so does he with out me.


  1. Here's my version of a banishing spell. If he phones, don't answer. If he emails, don't answer. Block his emails if possible. If he shows up at your door, don't open it. If you go somewhere and he's there, don't interact with him. Go home immediately. Do not give him any more space or time in your precious life. Not even once. If you feel your resolve weakening, burn some incense and call upon the Goddess for strength. You can do it!

  2. The best spells for cleansing involve Fire!
    You want him out of your head? Write down all the negative things he's done and said, all your hurt feelings, all the gumf that's weighing you down.
    Then light it up!

    works for me : )

  3. Those kind of guys are bad's difficult not to believe think they'll change...they won't...stay strong...give him the cold shoulder and believe in yourself...