Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello September!

Wow, 2nd day of the month already!  The days are flying by!  Soon the holidays will be upon us and boy I'm not ready!  But I am ready for cooler weather!  The rain today was so very welcomed.  It's been months since we had a good rain. 

Opportunity!!  I have the chance to participate in creating an oracle deck.  A piece of art that I create, would be turned into a card for the deck.  BUT...I don't know if I will be able to do this.  I cannot commit to paying for 4 decks that I would then be able to sell or give away as I choose.  This makes me sad in some ways because I love the intention behind it all.  We are going to give it a couple of days and see what plays out.

Writing...I got a jump start on that 2 page a day challenge to cover my ass if I miss a day here or there.  I almost let myself talk myself into not doing any writing yesterday.  But then I thought...HEY!  It's the first day damn it and you're going to write!!!  And so I did and wrote two and a half pages!!!  I surprised even myself.  I might have even written a bit more but by that point the Nyquil was kicking in.  I haven't written yet today, but the thoughts were coming together for what I might write later. 

I don't know, it just feels RIGHT to be writing.  I don't know if I have enough in me to keep with this train of thought but we'll see.   In someways, writing this is a little scary.  I am afraid of what I might remember.  I managed to block out and detach from so much of my childhood and stuff that I don't know if I can remember things.  It almost feels like a way of healing.

Well it's late, there's only roughly 45 minutes left to the day and I still need to write my 2 pages.   So until next time....


  1. ...may thine muse fill yoU with much words`y inspiration! ~ blessed be!...(O:

  2. It is hard to believe that September is here. The summer went so quickly, but this year you will hear no complaints. This heat and humidity took its toll, especially on hubby with his emphysema.