Monday, September 9, 2013

Writing or Lack Of, Degree-Study Thoughts

I'm still trying to get the hang of  the whole WordPress blogging thing.  It's just not as easy as here.  So I'm not totally sure if I will share it or not. 

Anyway, I've been participating or procrastinating the 2 PAD challenge.  I started it a few days early to give myself some leeway if I happened to miss a day here or there.  But I am coming to realize that it was and is just an excuse not to write one day here or there.  The reality is I tend to write at night, when things are quiet(er) unless you count the distractions of dogs barking across the field or coyotes howling. 

It's not that I don't want to write because I do.  I have this nagging thought with this current writing piece that I'll run out of memories to use and then I'll be left with nothing to write about.  There's so many things that I blocked out or chose to forget.  I got really good at detaching from things that I can't remember some things that happened or it's so vague I can't flesh out all the details.  I know that writing this out is going to be a little all over the place as I jump from memory to memory as they pop up. 

My character that I'm calling Melly at the moment is the one with the memories, my memories.  She can't remember her life or parts of it.  She is institutionalized but doesn't know how or why she is there.  (No, I've never been committed though I'm sure if you ask the Ogre he'll tell you I should be LOL).  This place and the doctor isn't all that it appears.  She knows something is wrong, but she's kept so medicated she can barely function.  Details I don't know is what kind of medications would do that to a person, don't know much about the facilities and other characters right now either.  I haven't quite hashed out how she got there, but I do have an idea for that.

This is so far off from what I like to write.  And just sharing that much is kind of scary because I don't usually like to talk about what I work on.  It saves a lot of grief to just stay quiet instead of receiving tons of criticism for your choice of genre.

I've been thinking some today too about studying for a degree.  As it was pointed out in the comments on my other post that I basically don't need a piece of paper to do what I love to do which is paint, art, write, and take photographs.   And that is very very true!  I don't.  Will I use said degree later on to get a job in a field it might be good for?  I don't know.  A degree is something I have always wanted.  It's something I've been told over and over by people in my life that it's a waste of time.  Not because it is a waste, but because in their minds they deemed it unnecessary AND it took attention away from them because I'd be focused elsewhere.  I also thinking it would help me later on with writing, if I focused on a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing for example.  I could also open some journalism opportunities for me too.  These are just things I'm thinking about.  It is very feasible and definitely possible that I will change my mind again as I have before, many times.  A degree though, has always been a heart's desire of mine.  Something I did for me, for my own benefit and betterment.  And to prove to others that I'm not as stupid as they think I am.

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