Thursday, January 19, 2012

Randomness And Welcome New Followers

WOOT! 80 followers, that was a lovely surprise the other day when I saw I had that many. Welcome lovely new peeps to my bloggy home. I hope you won't find me boring or mundane. I tend to babble occasionally or when I see something shiny :D

I've been trying to art consistently and for the most part I've been keeping up with it. I haven't started any writing yet, mostly because once I start arting I forget all else.

I've also been playing with my new to me camera that was gifted to me by my very good friend WyldeSage. Getting used to it and learning the settings. I'm having fun with it!

Today my kitty is getting fixed. She rarely meows, and if she does it's usually a very soft, low mew. When we got her to the pet clinic she was quiet until a very loud cat started meowing and howling. She was already taken back to the waiting area and I could hear her meowing. It was distinctly her because it was softer than the other cats there. She has a very unique meow. I just hope she won't be mad at me for leaving her alone in a strange place for a few hours or for the discomfort she's going to be in for a few days.

In other news....a couple of weeks ago, well let's see, just before new year's to be exact. I was talking to my youngest, who was having issues with "HIM". "HE" was getting on her because her dog had an accident in the house (rare, but it happens) and was saying all kinds of shit to her. Proceeded to put her down and belittle her...then, THEN turns around and says she really needs to think better of herself. Uh...excuse me you ass but you just threw a series of put downs at her, making her feel like shit and you say what next? So she wanted to go sleep at a friend's house and "HE" turns around and says to her something along the lines of "oh you're just like your mother, when reality hits you in the face you run away instead of dealing with it." UM...I didn't run away. I did face reality, and I left because it was better for my well-being and happiness. But can't reason with "HIM" and I can't confront "HIM" on what "HE" said to her.

I really wish I could just get a divorce from "HIM" already. I haven't spoken to "HIM" since I left except for a few email exchanges and that was only in regard to paying my cell phone bill, which ended up getting turned off because it was a month behind which usually isn't a problem. But some where a payment got posted after a new cycle started which threw everything off. By the time "HE" okayed me to pay it up, it wouldn't accept the payment. Kept getting a message that the back account listed/saved on the site didn't exist. I took that to mean "HE" changed banks or something, but "HE" wouldn't give me a straight answer. But wanted my cell account information so "HE" could log into it...UH NO THX! Sorry but I don't trust "HIM" therefore no cell phone.

It feels a little weird not having one. Not that I used it often, but I've just had one for so long that not having it just feel well weird lol. It's those moments when I am out and I see something I want to text to the girls, that's when I really miss it. And getting a prepaid isn't an option right now either. So I guess I'll just have to carry my purty new camera around with me and that should solve that problem :D

It's a cloudy rainy day. Almost all the snow we got yesterday is pretty much gone. I'm tired and feel like I need a nap. Didn't sleep well and had to get up early to get to the pet clinic in time, and the weather just isn't helping...neither is the Double Chocolate Mocha from Dutch Brothers. Maybe I need food? Yea...I think so.

Thanks for stopping by today...Bright Blessings.


  1. It takes backbone to walk away from a sick relationship. Hope SHE puts HIM in HIS place right smartly.

  2. You've been tagged!