Saturday, October 31, 2009

T -8 hours give or take a few minutes

So, in about 8 hours, NaNoWriMo will start. And I plan to partake in this event, for the third time. The first year, I got basically nowhere. I had no idea what to do, where to start, I was totally clueless. The second year I participated, I had a story idea, I had characters, I had a muse, it was all going so well. That is until my grandma took sick, ended up spending a week in the hospital, coming home only to pass away on Thanksgiving Day.

Since then, I have not participated. This will be my first attempt in 3 years. The problem is, I have no clue what I will write. I'm blank yet again. Well not totally, I do have my main character Aeryn. A some what very vague idea of what or who she is, some semblance of a setting/period, a tiny hint at a possible plot... And then... NOTHING! I'm totally, completely blank.

And my muse...she's being terribly mean to me. She still refuses to speak to me. At best I get a distant whisper, so faint I can't really hear what she is saying. I don't know what to do at all.

I could go back and tear apart the story I was writing originally back in 2006, totally rewrite it from scratch. The only thing is, I have no inspiration to do it. I once had ideas racing at me about that story so fast I could barely get them written down fast enough to remember them. It's not that it still doesn't tug at me to be worked on, finished even (someday). It's just that it's silent, the characters aren't speaking to me save a soft whimper from the main character to have her story completed.

So here I sit, with about 7.5 hours to start NaNoWriMo. Where my goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That's 1,667 words a day, if I write every day. Whatever shall I do?


  1. You can do it! I'm sure you will figure it out. I know the feeling. I decided to be a NaNoWriMo "rebel" and work on my non-fiction book.

    This is my first year. I'm looking at it, not as a chance to write the 50,000 words, so much as the opportunity to focus on my book, finish writing it and organizing it.

    The 50,000 word goal is really daunting, but we know it can be done. Still, I think it is MORE important to set our own goals. :)

    If you need a writing buddy, look me up (autumndivona)!

  2. I'm going to get you added as a buddy. I never cleared my list from 3 years ago, LOL. My user name there is Morgaine Pendragon.