Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Amazing Feat!

Who knew!!??  I did NOT think it was possible!  It's amazing!  I need to make the calendar...seriously....

I went to Michael's  today and bought NOTHING!  NADA!  ZIP! 

Not that I didn't find things I wanted but I was a good girl and just browsed today. 

I'm looking for oil pastels that are good but inexpensive.  They had (surprisingly) the Crayola brand that had 28 colors (I think) for $5.99! They also had the Sakura brand both the student grade which I have a set of already and I like well enough, and they had the next step up from that 25 colors for $16.99.    They had a few soft pastels but that's not what I'm interested in right now. 

I am currently using the student grade Sakaru brand, Reeve's both their oil pastels and their water soluble ones, and some cheap kiddy art kit ones.  Blending is where I'm having to most difficulty right now, I find the Reeve's don't blend as smoothly as I'd like.  I have found that if I use a bit of baby oil it helps. 

Still not sure how I feel about them, but they are kinda fun.  And who knows...maybe I'll even share something I made.


  1. I'm personally in love with the cheapy Pentel ones and the more expensive (and super duper soft) Caran D'Ache Neocolors.

    All the ones I've posted pictures of those, are done with the really cheap ones you get in the Michaels art kits they put out at Christmas. Not my favorite, but if you can lay them on thick enough they blend pretty well. :)