Thursday, July 5, 2012

What It's Not

Okay, I was wrong. After a week of suffering without taking any allergy meds, I/we have come to the conclusion that they were NOT the cause of my new allergy symptom. And hell if we know what is. I guess for now I will use my allergy meds as sparingly as possible to prevent myself from developing an immunity effect to them, keep using lotion/caladryl as needed. And of course keep researching what I can use naturally to help with this.

It's frustrating to say the least, to not know what the hell is causing this. Plus I'm tired because this shit wakes me up at night.

I have pulled out every herb book I own, and only one had suggestions for itching! That really amazed me. It wasn't even the book I thought for sure would have information!

One thing this has done though, it's made me want to pursue my desire to learn herbalism and holistic healing. Medications do well and good in some cases, but in others they are totally useless. As in the case of my allergies. There are days it helps with my itchy eyes, sneezing and wheezing and then there are days it feels like I took nothing. And all it does for the hives/itching is makes it a bit more tolerable.

I know there is a way to reverse these allergies I have. There has to be! I don't want to continue through life having to avoid things I once enjoyed like peanut butter and fresh fruits. I'd like to be able to peel potatoes and carrots without my palms itching and feeling like they are on fire. I'd like to be able to handle raw peeled apples and if I touch my face I don't have be afraid I'll look like a raccoon and itch all over my face.

I am determined to find a cure for myself or at least ease my symptoms to more tolerable levels.


  1. What happens if you eat the stuff that gives you an allergic reaction on your there a further, internal reaction?

    1. Typically, if I eat foods I'm allergic to I will have swelling in my throat, mouth, tongue. Itching in my throat that sometimes feels like its all the way down to my lungs. And of course if it's bad, difficulty breathing. Thankfully I have yet to need to use an epi pen or go to the ER

  2. ...quiet gentle blessings for thee ~ dear Ellie...