Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Year Ago Today

....I made a leap to follow my heart. I got on a plane and flew 2200 miles to be with my soulmate. A leap to leave an abusive relationship. I risked everything...for happiness, for love, for freedom to be me, to find myself again.

I think the risk paid off in many ways. I did leave an abusive relationship. I did find freedom, happiness and love. I'm still working on finding myself but that is an everyday process. I have a wonderful support system and am surrounded by people love me for who I am, for who I am becoming. They encourage me to grow, to create, to be me. My Beloved and I have worked through what we needed to and came out stronger than ever.

All this didn't come for free. It did cost me. And I don't mean financially. It meant leaving my girls behind. They were old enough to choose, but this was also my journey not theirs. The cost though, is I haven't seen them in a year. We talk on the phone and sometimes we chat via webcam. I miss them everyday! Just because I'm not there doesn't mean I love them any less or that they have been replaced. Nothing, no one can replace my girls.

This is only a small step in my journey. I know it isn't over. Together with my Beloved and those I love whether near or far, I can continue to heal and take more steps to grow and become, to find the self I had lost.

And a big thank you and hugs to all of my blog friends who have supported me with your love and positive thoughts. MUAH!


  1. Good luck and keep up the good work! Most women feel helpless when they know they are in an abusive situation, and I honestly think you are an inspiration.

    Have you considered working with local shelters and programs there for abused women, volunteering to tell them your story? It might help another woman make that same difficult decision!

  2. It takes courage to spread your wings.

  3. A year later, you still inspire me. It takes so much courage and so much inner strength to walk away from the life you know into the unknown. The journey to truly find yourself will most likely be every ongoing, as you will change as time goes on and you'll constantly find out new things... revel in it!

    I know that when the time is right you and your girls will get to give each other the biggest hugs and will rekindle your face to face relationship over many laughs and happy tears. Many hugs and lots of love to you, my dear.

  4. ...blessings ~ courage ~ facing your inner wisdom ~ has made yoU sparkle! ~ enjoy your beautiful mysterious awesome journey!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...