Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tales Unwritten and Forgotten

So many times I've tried to start and keep up with a blog, and I've failed time and again. Yet here I am, once again, making that attempt. And hopefully a successful one this time.

About three years ago, I had an idea for a fantasy novel. I had characters, settings, plots, all in my head. So many ideas flying around i couldn't get them all down, but then again I knew nothing about keeping a Writer's Notebook either. I did manage to jot down a lot of it, even managed to create a few chapters. I attempted NaNoWriMo that year, but I didn't make the goal.

The sad reality is that my grandmother, my rock, my mentor took ill. To our sadness, we learned that the cancer she had beaten years earlier had returned with a vengeance. It hit so fast, so hard. It had metastasized to her spine, her ribs, and was seeming to spread to new areas daily. She was in such pain, I felt helpless to ease it and comfort her.

With this all of my writing was put on hold. I couldn't think or focus on anything else but her. Thanksgiving day 2006 at around noon, my beloved grandmother passed from this world. I felt my entire world die with her. Despite the fact I had my children around me, I felt very much alone. When she died, all my dreams, my thoughts of writing, my ideas, my inspiration...all died with her that day.

She always believed in me, never judged me, always supported me. So I know she would not want me to go on like this. She would want me to search and find my inspiration, and chase my dream. So, I've been trying to do just that. I've pulled out all my notes, all my research in hopes of trying to find that spark. But I also have something else now, I have an amazing, wonderful guy that believes in me. So as I find my way back to writing, with his love and support, I can make it one day.


  1. Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere, Morgaine!!!

    It doesn't matter how long the road is, just that you're still on it.

    You'll find a lot of blogging writers that will keep pushing and supporting you along the way - amazing community, though most of us have never met in person. Good luck, and I hope to see you around and hear more about your work in progress.

  2. Good for you, getting back into it again. It sounds like you've been through a lot, but I have no doubt that your grandmother's looking down at you sending her encouragement!

  3. Good for you. Sometimes it is hard to pick up something that we put aside in a very hard time. I bet your grandmother would be proud of you.